Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Thank You For Everyone That Serves Our Country!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Low cost Wedding?

Stretch that Advertising DollarWeddings for less. I have been asked a million times why does it cost so much for one day? Well one giant reason is...its a lot of work. Another reason is... its not just one day. Many hours of prepping goes into executing a wedding where everything seems perfect.
I know you have seen all the books and the blogs claiming you can have it all for next to nothing. In some cases this may be true but if you read the fine print a little closer you will see...its cheaper because you are doing all the work YOURSELF or hiring amateurs that are just starting out, or students. Many vendors including myself start out cheap because you never realize the amount that goes into a wedding until you have work a wedding or ten. Yes, you did read correctly...including myself. I started out on the low end and with that I made my share of mistakes and ate a lot of ramen noodles. In order to run a successful, legit business cost goes up. Now getting back to the lost cost wedding tips; if you read these books, blogs and such it tells you to cut out all the vendors that help make your day stress free.
- They tell you hire a college student for your photographer.
-Cook yourself.
-Make your own invitations or go to Walmart and get the same invitations millions of other brides have used. -Buy a consignment dress or borrow one.
-Enlist your family and friends
As a wedding planner/coordinator/designer I am selling not only my services, but my experience, expertise, education, your overall experience from beginning to end. . My brides are stress free and get to enjoy their day without worrying about the big or little details. The bride and her family and friends get to enjoy the day and the memories without flooding them with a day of work.
In the background, emails are being sent, appointments are being made, timelines, ordering supplies, your vendors are working for you.
While the bride and her bridesmaids are off getting pampered with hair, make up and enjoying one another company. We are setting up your venue. When the vendors arrive and have questions about set up or time frames they come to us instead of bugging you. You have enough on your plate whether you are nervous or calm.
When the day is all finished and you are whisked away with your new husband. The reception is over and all your guest are heading home. We are cleaning up and gathering your belongings, making sure they get to the proper places. Your photographer is spending hours, even days editing your photographs.

So while it is possible to have a low cost wedding, its at a big expense. Ask the experts on how to keep your wedding at your budget.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mentioning the Unmentionables

Besides your shoes and your wedding dress, what you hide underneath is just as important. You want it to lift what is suppose to, tuck what it needs to...and give your gown the beautiful silhouette it deserves. Whatever you decide to put over your birthday suit you want it to fit and feel comfortable.
View ImageYou don't want to constantly tugging or pulling up your bra and if you are wearing a long line bra you don't want it to roll or bunch.
The style of your gown will depend on the type of undergarment you will need. For a slimmer form-fitting dress you may want to consider body shapers.
View ImageFor a fuller look,  you will want a crinoline slip. Be careful, some gowns already have them in the lining. You may also want to consider the weather. If you are having an outdoor ceremony in the summer you may not want to have all of that underneath your gown.

David's Bridal Full Length Control Slip
Whatever you chose make sure its perfect for the dress and for your body.

Happy Planning!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inspiration Shoot! All Things Made of Honor

Okay so recently we just did an inspiration photoshoot with some great vendors. Gwendolyn Tundermann our last vendor spotlight was our fabulous photographer, which is very important. A beautiful design can look awlful if you don't have the right photographer. I wanted to do something to show our skills, and creativity. You don't always get to show that off when working on an event. I had three tablescapes in mind (well more then that but we had to break it down, more to come later) The first one. I wanted all things that are pink and fun. The centerpieces were proved by S & A Events. I love when a florist can take exactly what you describe and make it come to life. I wanted a centerpiece to mimic the bridal bouquet. We used several shades of pink and cream and set this design outside.

Filigree Flower in Fuchsia Napkin Ring

Our second design was inspired by our business and my favorite colors. Green and Black. We were going for a flirty, fun look with this one so in comes the feathers and lace. I was so pleased at how this one came out.

Now we come to our elegant, romantic look.We used slate grey, sangria and silver for this tablescape.  I fell in love with the slate grey rosette linens and I knew how I wanted to use it. Crystals, candlelight, roses and bling. I wanted a slightly different look then what we normally see on the chivarli chairs so I played with different looks until I came up with this one. The company I get my linens from were so wonderful they made the special rosettes you see on the back of the chairs from the actual linens.

Silver Crescent Napkin Ring

Where did we get the bling? I am glad you asked. We first heard about Remarkable Rhinestones while watching the David Tutera My Fair Weddings Show. He mentioned the company and I thought-Hmm it must be expensive, my second thought was I have to have them for my photoshoot. I had been searching for some type of bling napkin rings but could not find exactly what I wanted. I decided to call contact them and find out how much it would cost to use just a few. To my amazement it was not that expensive

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sample-On-Loan~The Dessy Group Wedding Gowns

Destination Bridal Style 1019Have you ever tried on regular clothing in a store...then went home and tried it on at home. It was a completely different feel and sometimes the clothes looked differently the second time around. The Dessy Group has some amazing Destination Wedding Gowns and they offer you to try on the sample gowns in the privacy of your own home for only $35 per gown. You simply ship the gown back with a prepaid provided.
What's the catch? Besides having to return the gown in two business...there is no catch. So now you are not feeling rushed or pressured.

Happy Planning! ;)