Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look Who I found on Twitter

I found a fabulous vendor on Twitter. Customized Card boxes. I got tired of the same old card boxes, in white or ivory or the dreaded birdcage. Mirna has some fabulous card boxes in every color and style. Absolutely gorgeous.

So if you want something different why not try something new.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ways to save on your budget

We are all feeling the economy pinch. How can you save your wedding without giving up the glamour? You don't have to pick the plain linens or go with the venues chairs. You can still have a great wedding that will have your guest feeling impressed. Your guest list is the first that needs to go on a diet. While it is hard to choose and everyone wants to attend your wedding. Begin with your family members. I know your parents have alot to do with this, but if you have not talked to your third cousin in over three years there is no reason why they should be on the guest list. Your co-workers can enjoy the pictures at the break room table or online while your boss is in a meeting. Try cutting your guest list in half or if that is too much for you, begin reducing it by 20. Keep the cut list handy for the B-list just in case you receive a "will not attend" with the RSVP. This act alone will do wonders for your budget. Did you know for most hotels, catering begins at $40 per person?