Saturday, January 31, 2009

We have pictures!

We previously blogged about Cheryl and Joseph's wedding on December 27, 2008. They were such a pleasure to work with. We thank them for including us in their memories. Cheryl and Joseph were married at San Juan Del Rio Catholic Church at 2 pm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Thank you Amy of Capturing Real Life Photography for providing us with all of these wonderful photographs.

I love this picture, they were having so much fun.

Cheryl and Joseph are a great couple. I am very pleased that they decided to include us in one of he most memorable days of their lives.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

To Book or not to Book

I can't count the times I want to scream when I hear another wedding vendor bad mouth their competition. Yes, we are all competing for the same brides. There is a plethora of wedding coordinators and DJ's, florist, etc. but there isn't a reason to down play the next person to get the brides business. I urge all my brides to research their vendors, ask for past brides and vendors that have worked with them. Everyone has there on style, there is someone for everyone. One vendor may offer something the next vendor doesn't. I also tell my brides not to impulse buy. Check out more then one of any vendor including consultants. If you did not take your groom with you to meet the vendor. Take your information home and discuss with those involved in your decisions and call the vendor of your choice the next day. Ask if they will give you a day or two to make a decision? Now you can't expect a vendor to pass over someone else ready to book, but perhaps they can offer a courtsey call to let you know someone else is interested in your date. It is another story if a vendor has personally worked with someone and urges you to choose another, it is a whole other problem when you are in the same category and just want to offer ill content.